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Why It's Hard To Just Let It Go?

Being with the one you love is a very amazing feeling.
It will fill your emotions up and make you feel high.

Every moment is filled with gladness, filled with surprise.
You smile as your partner takes your breathe away, without knowing the reason why.

The feeling that you have is so addicting that you cannot let it go.
You cannot let it go becaus you know that that is Love.

You are feeling in love.
You are feeling the magic of being in love.

You know that that is forever.
You know that no one will let go.

You thought no one will let go.
Suddenly, without any warning,
Your partner just let go.

You want to move on but you can't.
Everyday feels like someone had just died.

Everyday is a funeral.
Funeral for your heart that had just stopped beating.

You cannot let go by the fact that you need to let go.
You cannot stop wishing that your relationship will be fixed even though it is already broke.
You wait.... and wait... and wait... but no one returns.

You are reading this with a blank face and a saddened heart.
You remembered all the things that you had with that person you love.
You remembered all those hurt and all those joy. All memories that you have.
Now, you know.
Now you know why.
Why is it so hard for you to just let it go.... without knowing the reason why.

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