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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game available for Android and IOS users. In every game, there will be two teams with 5 players each. The ultimate goal is to destroy the other team's towers and their base.

Destroying towers is not easy. In order for you to do that, you need to kill the heroes defending it, know your hero's strengths and capabilities and most importantly - team communication and strategy. Below are the basic things you need to learn to play this game.


In order for you to play this game properly, you need to know your starting hero first.

You need ask yourself: 

What will your contribution to your team be?

Are you the one who wants to kill the enemies or do you want to be their support?

Are you more better in attack or defense?

After you answer those questions, you need to check the heroes' classifications and check if he/she is the right fit for you. Below are the heroes classifications:

Tank: These heroes has a big amount of durability. This is the type of hero good for people who wants to be the first to go towards a lane and defend his team with attacks.

Example: Tigreal

Fighter: These heroes does have have both average offense and durability. This is a good pick for players who are starters as it has mix set of capabilities. This is also good for advanced players who has good control on doing both attack and defense.

Example: Freya

Assasins- These heroes has an insane amount of damage in one hit and is known to have a low HP.  This is good for players who is good in positioning and is familiar with the map.

Example: Hayabusa

Mage: These heroes has good ability effects that usually attacks long range. This is good for players who is comfortable attacking far from the enemies.

Example: Gord

Support: These heroes does offer help to his teammates usually by giving out health and/or crowd control, push, etc. This is good for all players who wants to be a helping hand in the game.

Example: Rafaela


Knowing the hero for you is not enough, you need to level how you play your game as well. Here are the things you need to look into:

Emblems: By levelling it up, you are getting more than what your hero already have. Example: If you are a Fighter and you used the Physical Emblem Set, you are helping your hero have a better Physical Attack, Armor, Critical Strike Chance, HP and Attach Speed.

Abilities: These are considered as a bonus ability for you and will really help you and your team a lot in winning if you use it properly. Interference, for example, does silence turrets/towers for 3-5 seconds and lowers their defenses by 10. Arrival, on the other hand, does teleport you to an allied turrent or minions.

Gear: This, for me, is the most important for all and would require you to do some research on how to get the 'perfect' build for your hero. gears do offers different level ups and passive abilities that will help you in your gameplay, thus affecting your performance in the game. Because you know your hero, you need to do a research online on what is the best for your hero be. You also need to be aware of the items that you chose and use it on the game.


Once you have your hero all geared up, you need to know the maps. Below is the example:

There you have it, you are on your way in becoming the NEXT MOBILE LEGENDS PRO!

Have an awesome technique to share? Please leave it on the comments section below :)

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