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Fast and the Furious 8 Movie Review: The Fate is struggling

Fast and Furious 8
Directed by: F. Gary Gary
Starring: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham

Awesomeness rating: 52%

My Review:
(Warning: Minor spoilers ahead)

Fast and the Furious 8 does excel in creating intense action packed scenes that is really amusing to watch but lacked in creating a good and believable storyline.
I feel that they have nothing more to offer than just endless chases with their proven 'box office' formula. If this will not stop, the franchise is nearing it's end.

The movie goes like this: An intense opening sequence. Then, out of nowhere, there's the evil villain who is all-powerful and all-knowing. Some things that they got from their previous movie which is really important (*ehem* God's Eye) will be stolen, thus immobilizing the team. The team had no choice but to fight because of a very dangerous threat. The team are losing BUT an obvious plot twist/s would turn things around. From then, the movie transitions in it's final sequence wherein all of them are in a same place, being a happy 'family'.

Lets look at the good side first: The movie has an all star cast that really has this 'coolness' and 'swaggy' factor. I believe that they are the big reason why this franchise is always a box-office success. When you watch Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson in action, it is really easy to ignore the movie's silliness.

There are also good action sequences that at times blew audiences off. I love the fact that each and every Fast and Furious movie has different action sets. Having good action sequence does keep this movie francise alive.

But here lies the problem: The movie needs a complete reboot. The franchise is already tired, it doesn't have anything interesting to tell. It does not leave any unanswered and interesting questions. If the franchise will continue to just show off action scenes without thinking on creating a good storyline which will be the solid foundation in creating more awesome movies, then the franchise is nearing it's end. People will get sick and tired of watching same-same storyline. The succeeding movies will just be tagged as 'another car chase with no story'.

Another thing that they need to work on are the discrepancies. There's a part in the movie in which all cars are in autopilot and is being controlled by the villain. How come this kind of phenomenon does not reach the world headlines? How come the government does not seem to care and does not investigate as to why it happened? In the FF world, it feels like they are the only people that does have reaction to what is happening.

Also, how does the villain get into their main headquarters to steal the God's Eye without them knowing? Doesn't they have any sensors, cameras, and security equipments? These are the questions on my mind as I watch the film.


-Fast and Furious has good action scenes
-Fast and Furious needs to work out in creating a good and believable storyline

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