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Boss Baby Movie Review: Funny and Visually Entertaining

Boss Baby
Directed by: Tom McGrath
Starring: Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel

Awesomeness Rating: 62%

My Review (Minor Spoilers ahead):

If you want to watch a movie that will put a smile on your face, then the ‘Boss Baby’ is the right pick for you. The movie follows a boy named Timothy Templeton who is so used to being the only child. That is the main reason why when it was announced that he will have a brother, he sees him as a threat as he is afraid that the baby will be the first priority of his parents and that they willl not have time for him anymore.

Let’s look at the good side first: The movie is really visually entertaining. It is very vivid and colorful. This is the kind of movie that kids will really put their attention to.

I also love the fact that if you are an adult like me, you will have a different take on it’s storyline. You will understand that the ‘Boss Baby’ is only a part of Timothy’s wild imagination out of his fear of having a brother.

I also love the fact that the movie has a connection with it’s audience. If you have a sibling that is much younger than you, you will understand Timothy’s jealousy towards his brother. I think that a lot of adult audience have been on that kind of situation and would empathize with what the main character is feeling. 

The area of opportunity for this movie is how they tell the story. There the times that the story is being dragged. They want to tell many stories that will make you feel you just wanna know how it will end. Also, there are multiple scenes in the movie that they tried so hard to make people laugh and be entertained without knowing that the cost of it is the quality of the film. Some punchlines doesn't even make sense.

There is also nothing remarkable about the movie. This is the kind of movie that when you watch it, you’re done. You do not want to repeat it again. The movie doesn’t leave any remarkable experience that will leave audience wanting for more, like how Pixar create movies such as Toy Story and Monster’s Inc. 

If Dreamworks is really a serious competitor, then I think that this is the right time for them to show off by creating awesome movies. They did it before with Shrek 2, why can't they do it again?

Just to Sum It Up:
-       Boss Baby is visually entertaining but boring at times as a result of trying to show off too much.

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